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Saturday 12 Septemper 12noon - 3pm @ The HUB Community Centre

2015 sept west dunbartonshire anti cuts day

Come and hear local and national speakers put the alternative to austerity

Music from Pauline Bradley, free teas, coffee, juice and snacks + stalls.

Speakers from the People's Assembly and STUC Youth Committee.

Local speakers: UNITE - Charlie MacDonald, UNISON - Thomas O'Brien, GMB and Hazards - Billy McEwan, West Dunbartonshire Foodshare, West Dunbartonshire Anti-Fracking Group - Karen Dunlop, Hope Not Hate - Rab O’Donnell

Speakers from Citizens Advice on Benefit Sanctions and from Disability Groups.

Hub Community Centre, Kilbowie Road , Clydebank


Saturday 20th June 2015 @ 12pm - The Demostration for Everyone Against Austerity

You may have noted from the media, or social media, that on Friday 15th May, the STUC announced that it would be throwing its weight behind, and effectively becoming the key organiser of, a rally in George Square on Saturday 20th June 2015 against austerity.

 2015 june peoples assembly demo glasgow

The event, now entitled, “Scotland United Against Austerity”, will take place on the same day as a number of rallies throughout the UK, organised by the People’s Assembly. A particularly large event is anticipated in London. The event in Glasgow will take the form of a rally and will be taken forward in co-operation with the People’s Assembly in Scotland and the main organisations involved in that coalition. The event explicitly aims to involve a range of organisations opposed to austerity, including those who took positions for Yes and No during the recent referendum. A meeting was held with the People’s Assembly Scotland on Saturday morning and they are supportive of the strategy outlined. Equally, discussions will be taken forward with a range of other civil and campaigning organisations in the days to come.

This decision to hold the rally was taken quickly in the context of fast moving events towards the end of last week. The secretariat was able to confer with a number of, but not all, affiliates in coming to this decision. It was felt that the trade union movement in Scotland was best placed to take a leadership role in the anti-Tory, anti-austerity consensus and swift action was required to ensure that this was the case.

The main focus of the rally will, of course, be to unite opposition to austerity and provide a show of strength in opposition to the Tory Government. You will also have noted the immediate announcement by David Cameron of proposed legislation to further attack trade union freedom. Therefore, it has been agreed that trade union freedom and the need to join a union and get active as clear statement of opposition to austerity will be a key message for the event.

As of Saturday morning a Facebook event has been running, over 2000 people responded in the first 24 hours to indicate attendance. We expect the outline details of the event to go live on our websites in the next 24 hours. Further updates will be provided in due course.

Clearly, it is of immense importance that the plurality of the anti-austerity consensus in Scotland is represented on 20th June. An organised trade union presence and trade union banners are particularly important. I would, therefore, be grateful if you would communicate the details of this event through your networks, on websites and through social media.

Grahame Smith, General Secretary STUC

Taken from


7 reasons to demonstrate on 20 June

peoples assembly scotland 800This demonstration is more important than ever. It needs to be massive:

Reason 1 - The government plans £12 billion in welfare cuts targeting the poorest in society.
Reason 2 - The new Tory disabilities minister opposed protecting benefits for disabled children and cancer patients
Reason 3 - Michael Gove has been appointed justice secretary. In 1999, when he worked for the Times, he called for hanging to be brought back as a punishment. He's also attempting to scrap the Human Rights Act.
Reason 4 - Cameron is announcing new plans to target 'extremists' giving the government powers to target anyone they think is undermining 'democracy'. This policy will be used to attack the Muslim community, and how long will it be before anti-austerity protesters get targeted too?
Reason 5 - The new equalities secretary voted against gay marriage
Reason 6 - The new business secretary wants to make it harder for trade unions to take strike action.
Reason 7 - The government plans to end social housing as we know it.

More info at:


5 more reasons to march with the People's Assemby on 20 June

1. It’s the first nationwide response to the election
2. It’s the first mass response
3. How big it is will shape all that comes after
4. If its big there will be more local resistance
5. It's a defence or democratic rights

For more visit:

Thursday 23rd April - 7.00pm


2015 april election snp labour

Neil Findlay
Labour MSP

Cllr. Martin Docherty
SNP West Dunbartonshire Parliamentary Candidate

Hub Community Centre, Kilbowie Rd, Clydebank, G81 2TX


Wednesday February 25th at 7pm

"Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). What does it means for our jobs and services?"

2015 feb TTIP clydebank tuc

Public meeting organised by Clydebank TUC - everybody welcome!


Simon MacFarlane UNISON Regional Organiser and James O'Connell UNITE Organiser.


Hub Community Centre,

Kilbowie Road,

Clydebank G81 2TX


more info and venue location map at

Thursday 7th September at 7pm

2017 8 film belonging

Eventbrite page:

Facebook Event:

UNISON, UNITE, GMB, EIS, branches and CLYDEBANK Trade Union Council are sponsoring a screening of the film “Belonging”, which has received praise from the likes of top film maker Ken Loach. It is not on general release yet but can be seen locally, for free thanks to the trade union movement.

“Belonging” is an investigative feature length documentary about where power lies in Britain.

It re-examines events surrounding three industrial disputes, Wapping, the privatisation of Royal Mail, and the dispute at Grangemouth Oil Refinery. Three governments over three decades, showing the impact of government and corporate power on democracy and human rights not just for trade unionists, but for all.

Personal stories are told by those at the centre of the disputes not only highlighting the impact of the actions of those in power on individuals and communities, but also raising the question of what lies ahead.

Pertinent indeed when we could have a socialist Prime Minister in the shape of Jeremy Corbyn before long. What will be the response of corporate Britain and the state be to that development?

“Belonging” will be shown on Thursday 7th September at 7pm in Clydebank Town Hall, 5 Hall St, G81 1UB. This is open to all trade unionists and the community at large.

We hope to have someone associated with the film along on the night to say a few words.

Monday 6th March @7:30pm
Clydebank Town Hall

Free event, and if possible please bring a small financial donation for West Dunbartonshire foodshare.
Eventbrite page
Facebook event page

Dare Devil rides to Jarama

In the top 2016 London shows to see @londonTheatre1 & Blog of Theatre Things

'A Company making a name for delivering, vivid politically committed theatre' The Observer
★★★★★'Dare Devil Rides to Jarama is quite simply the best political theatre produced for a long, long time.' Morning Star
★★★★★'Dare Devil Rides To Jarama is outstanding entertainment' LONDON THEATRE1

West Dunbartonshire Joint Trades Unions and Clydebank Trades Union Council are bringing working class culture back to Red Clydeside!

2017 feb i daniel blake

A free showing of the award winning film "I, Daniel Blake" sponsored by EIS, GMB, RMT, Unison, Unite and Clydebank TUC. All welcome.

Speakers from The Peoples Assembly(Scotland) & PCS Trade Union.

This event is free. If possible, please bring a small financial donation for West Dunbartonshire Foodshare.

Eventbrite listing:

Facebook Event page:

Saturday 2 April 12-3pm

Speakers are:

For Leaving - Dr Nigel Griffiths, former Deputy Leader of the House of Commons and Scottish Organiser of Labour Leave. Alex Smith former Labour MEP.

For staying - Gil Patterson SNP MSP for Clydebank and Milngavie. Gail Casey Labour candidate for Scottish Parliamentary Elections for Clydebank and Milngavie.

The debate will take place on Saturday 2nd April, 12-3pm in the Hub Community Centre, 405 Kilbowie Road, Clydebank G81 2TX. Free teas/coffees available.

The meeting is supported by the local branches of UNISON, UNITE, GMB, EIS, CLYDEBANK TUC, AND THE PEOPLE'S ASSEMBLY.

2016 EU debate CTUC

Sunday 6th March 2016 11am - 3:30pm

STUC, 333 Woodlands Road (above Stand Comedy Club), GLASGOW

2016 march MStar Conference Page 1a

2016 march MStar Conference2 Page 2

Download the Conference program here:

John Ainslie Scottish CND: author of key documents on Trident cancellation and arms conversion
Denise Christie Treasurer for FBU Scotland and Labour Party Campaign for Socialism
Neil Findlay MSP for Lothians, Labour

John Foster Co-worker with Alan Mackinnon on documents on arms conversion and NATO
Roz Foyer Senior Organiser, Unite Scotland
Kate Hudson General Secretary CND
Bill Kidd MSP Anniesland Glasgow, SNP

Dave Moxham Depute GS, STUC

Andrew Murray Chair Stop the War
Chris Stephens MP Glasgow SW, SNP
Arthur West Chair Scottish CND


In memory of Alan Mackinnon



Wednesday 10th February 6:30pm

Adelaide's Auditorium, Bath Street, Glasgow
209 Bath Street, G2 4HZ Glasgow, United Kingdom

Public meeting organised by Glasgow Trades Union Council


2016 02 10 GlasgowTUC Cuts

Our city is facing the worst cuts to council funding in its history, the figure £121 million could devistate the services in Glasgow that we all rely and depend on. It could also cut jobs and earnings for many families in our city. Glasgow Trades Council and the Joint unions representing the employees of Glasgow city council have called for a a public examination. This is no ordinary meeting of politicans speaking, instead we this meeting gives the people a chance to be heard by politicians. Any comunity group in Glasgow, community councils, tenants and residents, unions, faith groups, food banks are all invited to give evidence which will be heard and recorded. Invited to attend a panel of politican who will be asked to hear the evidence and respond include, leader of Glasgow City Council , Cllr Frank McAveety, representing the Scottish Government and Glasgow MSP for teh Southside, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and from the UK Government Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell M.P.

Saturday 23rd January 2016 10:30am - 1:30pm

2016 jan 23 PAS AGM 1000

University of Strathclyde Students Association
Vertigo Hall (level 8), 90 John Street (facing corner Martha Street), Glasgow G1 1JH

Steve Turner (Chair, National People’s Assembly), Sam Fairbairn (Secretary, National People’s Assembly),
Janice Godrich (President, PCS), Chris Stephens (SNP MP), Elaine Smith (Labour MSP),
Helen Connor (Vice President, STUC)
Phil McGarry (RMT)



2016 jan 23 PAS AGM map

Saturday 7th November 12-3pm

The underlying purpose of the Tory anti trade union legislation is to is too crush the remaining power of the unions to protect the interests of working class people. This is in order to facilitate yet further transfers of wealth and income from the working class to the rich and big business.

ACTION and SOLIDARITY can defeat this attack on trade union freedom. Join us in the fightback at our joint trade union meeting.

2015 WestD Kill the Bill Day


Facebook event page:

Eventbrite page:









Free tea and coffee.


Monday 19th October 2015

2015 Trident Clydebank AMENDED

On 31 August George Osborne paid a visit to Faslane Naval Base. He announced a further investment of £500m in the infrastructure of the base - money that, he argued, would secure more jobs at the base and ensure the safety and security of the people of Britain. But do nuclear weapons really make us safer? And is spending vast sums on weapons of mass destruction the best way to create jobs in Scotland? Hear the answers to these and other questions.

Bill Kidd MSP SNP
Councillor Gail Casy Labour
Arthur West Scottish CND Chair


Hub Community Centre
405 Kilbowie Road
Clydebank, G81 2TX

Saturday 19th September: Glasgow 11:30am + 1:00pm & Motherwell 7:00pm

2015 sept HnH International brigades

The following are details of forthcoming Commemoration to the International Brigade on Saturday 19th September at Glasgow La Pasionaria Statue, Custom House Quay from 11.30am - 12.30pm followed by social event being held at UNISON Glasgow City Branch, 84 Bell Street, G1 1LQ from 1.00pm to 4.00pm.
Speakers at Commemoration include Mike Arnott (IBMT Trustee), Kath Campbell; Granddaughter of International Brigader and Secretary of Scottish Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Ryan Boyle; UNISON Young Members Committee and Tommy Campbell; UNITE the UNION. The social event will have a range of live music, speakers and stalls.
It would be appreciated if you could circulate these details as widely as possible. More details can be found on our website , Facebook Page and on Twitter following the hashtag #nopasaranglasgow

Also, the excellent play 'From Calton to Catalonia' is being performed on the same night at Motherwell Civic Centre from 7.00pm. More info here:
For more information on the International Brigade; click here: