2014 saw the decline of far-right political party's and groups such as the English Defence League, Britain First and the BNP. Whilst this is to be welcomed, it should not be forgotten that such groups are still active and still require monitoring by trade unionists and anti-fascist organisations.

Congress believes that with the decline of such groups; especially the BNP, the main threat will come at the ballot box from the United Kingdom Independence Party at this May's General Election.

Congress is concerned with UKIP's evident growing support within sections of the electorate and UKIP's populist, anti-immigration rhetoric, which is setting the UK political agenda. Unfortunately, mainstream party’s are reacting to UKIP's anti-immigration hysteria and by doing so are helping set immigration as a general election issue when the real focus should be on the savage austerity cuts made by the current Government to ordinary working people of all races.

It should also be noted that the true character of UKIP is one that is to the right of the present
Government and one that champions the 'Boss Class' through its support of 'free
schools', fracking, caps on the benefit system, abolition of Inheritance tax and redundancy pay, repealing of Human Rights & Climate Change Act, slashing maternity pay & reducing sick pay.

UKIP currently have an estimated 14-16% of the vote, 2 MP's, 24 MEP's and 127 County

Congress agrees to further expose the anti-immigration and big business agenda of UKIP

  • By urging all parties contesting the general election not to make curbs on immigration a central theme
  • By convening a conference on the casualisation of labour markets exposing the true causes of low wages and the loss of employment security
  • By working with anti-racist organisations such as Hope not Hate & Unite Against Fascism.