The cuts being imposed by governments in the name of "austerity" are having a huge impact, disproportionately so on some of the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities & society at large.

To explore how damaging these cuts are locally, Clydebank TUC helped organise the West Dunbartonshire ANTI-AUSTERITY Day in September 2015. Local workers and activists came together & together shed light on the scale of the massive attacks on working class communities, the effects of which are seldom if ever highlighted in most mainstream media. Below are video clips of highlights from throughout the day.

The Impact of CUTS on Housing & Homelessness

Margaret Wood, UNITE the Union


Fracking: Why it's bad and why authorities may be tempted

Karen Dunlop, West Dunbartonshire Anti-Fracking Group


Health & Saftey: Workplaces are less safe due to Austerity

Billy McEwan, GMB Union & Hazards


Tackling Benefits Sanctions

Susan Clark, Citizens Advice Scotland