2015 anti trade union bill part2

Here are video highlights from the Afternoon session of a highly successful West Dundartonshire "Kill the Bill" day event organised by the People's Assembly Scotland & Clydebank Trades Union Council, where national figures & local activists showed that the Tory anti-Trade Union Bill was in fact an attack on ordinary workers, their families & their communities.

The underlying purpose of the Tory anti trade union legislation is to crush the remaining power of the unions to protect the interests of working class people. This is in order to facilitate yet further transfers of wealth and in-come from the working class to the rich and big business.

ACTION and SOLIDARITY can defeat this attack on trade union freedom.

1. Jim Halfpenny

Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) Convenor for West Dunbartonshire Council.


2. Martin Rooney

Leader of West Dunbartonshire Council


3. Janet Cassidy

Clydebank Trades Union Council, and also the RMT Union


4. Billy McEwen

GMB Union Convenor for West Dunbartonshire Council.