daily mail benefits frontpageThe current government is attacking the welfare system by cutting £18 billion from welfare, while giving away more than £25 billion in corporatetax breaks over the same period. It is emphasising the cost of fraud when £1.5 billion is lost in this way, but turning a blind eye to £120 billion of tax lost through evasion, avoidance and non-collection.
But the attacks on welfare are not just financial. Welfare is being vilified in a propaganda campaign that suggests welfare is too generous, claimants are lazy and fraudulent, and that public servants are not fit to run welfare services.

This pamphlet challenges these false allegations, busts the myths that have been created, and argues that welfare is a basic human right for any civilised society – as its founders believed.

PCS welfare alternative 2014


Download the PCS Union pamphlet: http://www.clydebanktuc.org/attachments/version1_files/welfare_an_alternative_vision.pdf

or from the PCS Union website: http://pcs.org.uk/download.cfm?docid=195B90B7-93BA-4319-BE10C4B8762B1670